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We focus on adding value with regard to two principal issues:
  • maximization of the proceeds from a sale
  • minimization of the impact on client’s staff
    • implementation of all relevant procedures, including documentation, leading to minimised transaction time
    • presentation of a professional picture of the assets for sale
    • structuring a comprehensive divestiture process
We help our clients to achieve the following goals:
  • Attract of a strategic or financial investor
  • Raise capital for further expansion and, hence, increase value or capitalization of the company
  • Realise gains from value created in the past
  • Attract technology, realise synergy effects resulting from optimisation of business operations, i.e. exchange technological know-how, source advanced equipment, services and train personnel
  • Improve operating costs structure and initiate middle management changes
  • Increase transparency by adjusting to international accounting standards
  • Improve financial structure and ability to take on debt

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