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    Quarterly magazine for young, innovative, dynamically developing companies, which are preparing to enter the capital markets (IPO, SPO, PRIVATE PLACEMENT)
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  • ACP Monitor
    Monthly news and analytical letter
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  • Ulf Siebel, Jan-Hendrik Rover and Christian Knutel (eds.), Handbook project financing and public private partnerships (Cologne, Munich 2008)
    This book is the standard textbook on developing and financing projects and has now been published in a second, fully reworked and extended edition. 34 leading practitioners and academics have contributed to the book. Jan-Hendrik Rover wrote the chapters on mining, oil and gas, introduction to project finance, project finance loans and security for project financing. A whole part of the book is devoted to public private partnerships. Readers of this book should be practitioners, academics and students.
    Presentation of the book will take place on the 3rd of June 2008. For more detailed information please see the Conferences & Presentations.
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  • Jan-Hendrik Röver, Secured Lending in Eastern Europe. Comparative Law of Secured Transactions and the EBRD Model Law (Oxford 2007)
    This new work is the first comparative study of central and eastern European secured transactions laws to be written in English. It gives a valuable insight into the legal reforms taking place in the transition economies of central and eastern Europe (and elsewhere), explaining the general mechanics of secured transactions laws in a helpful and practical way. The book will explore the characteristics that make security law useful from a practical point of view, the purpose being not merely to describe existing rules on security but to concentrate on the question of how those rules can apply in practice. The author concentrates on seven central and eastern European secured transactions laws in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation and the Slovak Republic. These laws are contrasted with the EBRD's Model Law on Secured Transactions and the EBRD's Core Principles for a Modern Secured Transactions Law. In addition, English, German and US law (which, among others, influenced the EBRD's work) are used as further reference sources.
    March 2007
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  • M&A guide for the Russian oil & gas industry
    Legal and tax issues of mergers, divestitures and acquisitions in the Russian oil & gas industry. The guide is written for companies and individual investors interested in acquiring or divesting Russian oil or gas assets with a focus on the upstream sector.
    September 2006
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  • DDr. Jan-Hendrik Röver: WTO Accession & Financial Services. How Near is Russia with the U.S. on an Agreement?
    In: AmCham News , Volume 13, No. 69
    January-March 2006
  • Vladimir Matias: Citius, Altius, Fortius!
    Introduction article to the RPI report “The independent oil producers in Russia: Companies and assets”
    October 2005

  • Vladimir Matias: Financing of pipeline projects. When banks open their safes
    In: Business Ecological Magazine
    September 2005, No. 3 (10)

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