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Since July 2006, Vladimir Matias is regularly invited by Bloomberg TV to comment on industry and financial news. In particular, he gave interviews on Rosneft IPO, energy security in Europe, recent development in metals and oil and gas markets, Sakhalin II project.


  • Bloomberg, 29 September 2010
    GENERAL TO RUSSIA-CHINA TRADE AND ENERGY RELATIONS: Vladimir Matias gave an interview regarding following issues:
      The Sino-Russian dilemma
    • Russia wants to shift from pure energy supplier to more high-tech products and components, while China wants to refine the Russian commodities itself, thus realizing higher values in China. For instance, in the energy sector, China wants to have petrochemical production (refineries) in China, seeing Russia as a low-end raw material supplier of crude oil, natural gas, metals.
    • Foreign trade levels between the countries reached the pre-crisis levels (ca. USD 56 bln) and the number is expected to increase after the completion of the ESPO oil pipeline to China in beg. 2011. The trade balance between the two countries is in a clear disbalance: Russia is to China almost a pure raw material supplier, while importing from China finished goods.
    • Russia still lacks investments into its economy, specifically into the energy sector. Russian policy makers had imposed stringent investment rules during the boom years 2004-2008 and have now to rethink their current attitude to foreign investors in the energy sector and to lower the entry barriers
    • China is desperate for new energy resources, including nuclear, to make a quantum leap in their development, or even just to sustain the current fast development. Russia will most likely win a tender for construction of 4th and 5th blocks in the Tanvan Nuclear power station.

    • Oil
    • Russian energy resources are a crucial component of sustainable development of the Chinese economy in the long-run; and a good source of diversification of energy sources in China.
    • Both countries need to upgrade CNPC-Rosneft relations. The new refinery will be build in China in 2015 with a total capacity of 13 mln t p.a., while 70% of crude oil feedstock will be supplied from Russia.
    • Russia is striving to diversify oil and gas exports to the Eastern neighbors, first of all to China, in order to decrease dependence from European importers.
    • According to some estimates, by 2020 China shall consume up to 560-600 mln tones of oil per annum
    • The share of the Russian oil in the Asian-Pacific oil and gas market is a mere 5-6%, while the Arab oil accounts for 69%. The East Siberian Pipeline Project (ESPO) shall revert this situation.
    • The Russian energy strategy sees this project as a milestone for supply diversification, and also as a window to hungry Asian energy markets, increasing its share to 1415% by 20202022, and to 2225% by 2030.
    • ESPO phase one was completed in 2009 with a capacity of 80 mln tons p.a., with another pipeline branch of 30 mln tons p.a. capacity of oil supplies to China to be opened by beginning of 2011.

    • Gas
    • In the last 5 years the export price for Russian gas is about $200 for 1000 m3, while in China gas is much cheaper, partially due to state subventions.
    • Russia doesnt have yet any pipeline to China, and China is not prepared to pay European gas prices.
    • The first gas pipeline to China will be completed in 2015 (capacity of 30 bcm) take or pay contract will be signed in 2011. Gas swaps with Turkmenistan (Turkmenistan China pipeline) and Gazprom are under negotiations, thus providing for a new energy chess game between Russian, Central Asia and China.
    • Video

  • Bloomberg, 29 June 2010
    Bloomberg's Global Connex show live invetview: Vladimir Matias gave a life interview regarding situation with BP shares price after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Bloomberg, 31 May 2010
    Bloomberg's Global Connex show live invetview: Vladimir Matias commented on Russian stock exchange market volatility and forecasts and situation with global economy.

  • Bloomberg, 30 March 2010
    English Bloomberg TV channel live invetview: Vladimir Matias commented on Russian stock exchange situation and investment climate in Russia.

  • MICEX Expert Council - Venture and Private Investments Committee meeting, 22 March 2010
    Vladimir Matias and Sergey Matyushok were nominated as an Experts and Working Group members of the Committee. Committee develops principles of assesment and selection of innovative projects for MICEX Innovation and Growth Companies Sector.
    More detailed information on MICEX


  • Expert TV, 15 April 2009
    ACP gave an interview concerning current situation in Russian and CIS banking sectors.

  • Bloomberg, 20 January 2009
    German Bloomberg TV channel: ACP commented on settlement in gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine.


  • Bloomberg, 8 December 2008
    German Bloomberg TV channel: Weakening Russian ruble, low oil price - impact on Russian economy and outlook for 2009.

  • Uralpolit, 4 December 2008
    Article about Consolidation of Oil & Gas Service Companies with Vladimir Matias' (ACP) comments. More (in Russian)

  • Bloomberg, 8 October 2008
    German Bloomberg TV: Gazprom in the new world: positioning in the global financial crisis, liquidity and investment program.
    English channel: Will Russia rescue Icelands financial system? Role and new perspectives for Russia.

  • The Moscow Times, 24 September 2008
    Comments on the selling of Antanta Pioglobal's assets. More

  • The Moscow Times, 18 September 2008
    On current situation on Russian Stock Exchange. More

  • The Moscow Times, 15 September 2008
    ACP on the Russian domestic liquidity crunch. More

  • 02, 28 August 2008
    Live interview on O2 channel.

    Sergey Matyushok, Asset Capital Partners, commented on the situation with mid-cap companies in Russian Oil & Gas sector. More (in Russian)

  • Bloomberg, 04 August 2008
    Asset Capital Partners commented on the situation in TNK-BP company. More

  • Bloomberg, 31 July 2008
    Interview on German and English channels.

    Mechel, Evraz, Raspadskaya - impact on investment climate in Russia. Moscow as a future global financial center.

  • Bloomberg, 30 April 2008
    Interview on German and English channels.

    Sberbank and VTB 2007 results and outlook. Credit crisis in the global banking system and impact on the Russian banks. Video

  • Bloomberg, 8 April 2008
    Interview on German channel.

    On Rosneft: recent perfomance, market position, growth factors, current amendments on the Russian taxation for oil companies.

  • Bloomberg, 3 March 2008
    Interview on German channel.

    New Russian president Dmitri Medvedev: framework and outlook for the Russian economy.

  • Bloomberg, 28 January 2008
    Interviews on UK and German channels.

    Bloomberg UK: investments into the Russian oil sector by international majors cooperation with state owned companies versus with Russian private oil majors.
    German channel: Gazprom gets 50% shareholding in the Austrian (OMV) gas hub in Baumgarten; perspectives of Russian European cooperation in the gas sector.


  • Bloomberg, 03 December 2007
    Asset Capital Partners commented on the results of the last Duma elections regarding economic outlook and its impact on foreign direct investments into Russian economy.

  • Bloomberg, 15 October 2007
    ACP provided comments on the "Petersburg Dialogue" - Russian-German bilateral summit between Putin and Merkel regarding political and economic cooperation, including the North Stream Gas Pipeline, and German companies as potential targets for Russian investors.

  • Bloomberg, 10 October 2007
    ACP provided comments on the summit meeting between Nicolas Sarkozy and Vladimir Putin regarding the Russian-French cooperation in the energy sector and other areas of economy.

  • Bloomberg, 22 September 2007
    ACP provided a view on the market reaction regarding appointment of the new Russian Prime Minister Victor Zubkov and the imminent new cabinet building.

  • Bloomberg, 30 August 2007
    Vladimir Matias gave live interview in English and German channel in Bloomberg's Moscow studio with comments on:
    a) present situation and future potential of oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan
    b) the current status and recent development of the Kashagan oil project
    c) new proposals in European Union on reciprocity in the energy sector and other strategic industries.

    Kashagan is the largest oil deposit in Kazakhstan with over 7,5 billion recoverable reserves. Participants: Eni (18,52%), Total (18,52%), ExxonMobil (18,52%), Shell (18,52%), ConocoPhillips (9,26%), Inpex (8,33%), KazMunayGaz (8,33%). Initial projected CAPEX - US $29 bn. .

  • Bloomberg, 13 July 2007
    ACP commented in English and German channel on:
    a) Gazprom - Total joint venture agreement in the Shtokman gas and gas condensate field, and
    b) impact of this deal on future project development.

    Shtokman giant gas and condensate field is located in the Barents sea offshore Russia and contains some 3.2 trillion cubic metres of gas and 31 mln. tons of condensate.


  • Bloomberg, 23 June 2007
    ACP commented on Gazprom, Eni Plan New Gas Pipeline to European Union.

  • RBC TV / Stoliza TV, 9 June 2007
    Vladimir Matias spoke in a live interview on commencement of investments into the 250 MW gas-to-power project Scherbinka, Moscow. This project is developed by independent power producers.

  • Bloomberg, 1 June 2007
    Vladimir Matias gave live interview in English and German channel in Bloombergs Moscow studio with comments on possible Kovikta license withdrawal from TNK-BP's subsidiary Rusia Petroleum.

  • Bloomberg, 25 May 2007
    Live interview in English and German channel in Bloombergs Moscow studio with comments on:
    1. Gazprom-Neft and Lukoil cooperation agreement / joint venture for development of large hydrocarbon projects in Russia Arctic region, offshore and East Siberia; and
    2. Norilsk Nickel bid for the Canadian LionOre vs. Xstrata offer.

  • Bloomberg, 18 May 2007
    In the Bloomberg TV German Channel, ACP commented on the Russia-EU Summit in Samara, where, among other high profile European politicians, the Russian president Vladimir Putin and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel participated.

  • Bloomberg, 25 April 2007
    Vladimir Matias gave an interview on the UK Bloomberg TV channel in Moscow, opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour with comments on:
    1. First Russian president's role in economics reforms in 90's;
    2. Eltsin's "shock therapy" impact on economics of Russia.

  • Bloomberg, 16 April 2007
    German Bloomberg TV channel: ACP commented on last developments in the Russian shares market, forecast for RTS index and coming IPOs.

  • Bloomberg, 23 March 2007
    Vladimir Matias gave an interview on the UK Bloomberg TV channel on participation of Rosneft and TNK-BP at the upcoming auctions for YUKOS' assets.

  • Bloomberg, 2 March 2007
    ACP gave two live interviews in the German and English Bloomberg TV channels. Issues discussed:
    1. Situation on the global capital markets and impact on Russian stocks.
    2. Cooperation between BP and Gazprom. Meeting between Lord John Browne and Alexei Miller. Joint gas and LNG projects in Russia and abroad, including Kovykta and Altantic LNG cooperation.

  • Bloomberg, 1 February 2007
    Vladimir Matias comments on the opportunities of Gas OPEC creation

  • Bloomberg, 10 January 2007
    Vladimir Matias comments on: (i) the Russian share market, (ii) interruption of the Russian oil exports via Belarus and its impact on the markets and energy supply security for Europe


  • Bloomberg, 12 December 2006
    Vladimir Matias gave two interviews for German and UK Bloomberg TV on Gazprom-Shell relationship: Sakhalin II and the broader implications this has for investing in Russia

  • Bloomberg, 22 November 2006
    Vladimir Matias commented on the upcoming Russia-EU Summit in Helsinki

  • Bloomberg, 19 September 2006
    Shell License Revocation Would Hurt Russia, Asset Capital Says

  • Bloomberg, 19 September 2006
    Asset Capital Partners' Matias Comments on Shell-Sakhalin

  • Bloomberg, 12 July 2006
    Asset Capital Partner's Matias Comments on Rosneft's Share Sale


  • RusEnergy, 29 September 2005
    Eager Lenders: Are Russian Oil and Gas Companies Reliable Borrowers?
    Experience shows that international lenders are perfectly willing to provide financing for Russian energy companies even against the background of gloomy estimates of the industry’s growth, accumulated extraordinary debt, and even technical default. Warnings about the perils of trusting the Russians are also heard, but the market of credits and loans largely disregards them.
    More (Russian only)

  • Mergermarket, 03 June 2005
    Russian energy opportunities remain for foreign investors
    Significant acquisition opportunities remain for foreign investors in the Russian oil sector, despite recent concerns over the state’s increasing role in the energy sphere.

  • Consultant, May 2005
    Foreigners with money look into Russia
    Not every foriegn investor is eager to establish contacts with Russian business. The reason for this is unstability of the Russian economy. From the other side, underdeveloped infrastructure gives many advantages to international banks. Is Russia expecting an investment breakthrough? "The potential is huge" claim professionals looking into the future.
    More (Russian only)

  • Vedomosti, 28 March 2005
    Transnefteproduct will borrow US $ 600 m for a pipeline
    Transnefteproduct decided to borrow $600m for construction of an oil products pipeline “Sever” and a sea terminal in Primorsk (near St.Pteresburg). The monopoly has not attracted large bank loans so far, but experts think this will not negatively affect the transaction.
    More (Russian only)


  • Oil&GasEURASIA, No. 6, June 2004
    Investment. A cup that's half-empty or half-full?
    With oil prices at historic highs, Russian oligarchs in jail, and Moscow nullifying licenses won by international majors to world-class oil and gas fields, just how should one think about the climate for investing money in the Russian oilpatch?

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