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Asset Capital Partners (“ACP”) is an independent international investment advisory company providing tailor-made financing solutions to businesses, governments and financial institutions with a focus on asset based industries (i.e. oil & gas, mining & metals, power, infrastructure, transportation and real estate). The company has a regional focus on Russia/CIS countries and is active in both local as well as inbound and outbound cross-border transactions.

Asset based industries are capital intensive, however they tend to generate predictable cash flows on the basis of comparatively low operating risk profiles. Asset based transactions rely on the well known underlying value of existing assets (also referred to as borrowing base or mineral reserves value) which serves as security for investors and lenders. In asset based projects bank debt and equity investments can be provided at relatively early development phases.

Commodities industries (oil & gas, mining & metals) are characterised by the globally limited reserve bases, which is confronted with the increasing demand for energy and resources.

Infrastructure industries (transportation and real estate) are highly capital intensive but vital for a sustainable development of national economies. Therefore they are high on the political agenda in most developed and developing countries.

ACP has well established contacts to financial institutions, private equity funds, strategic investors as well as the energy and natural resources community, which ensures comprehensive coverage of the targeted industry sectors.

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